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hashmaster15's Journal

Mr. Big
20 April 1985
i Like watermelon
69, 696969, arugala, b.b.d., bail out, bikes, biking, black market fetus, bladsturrapergunkle, bob barker youth, bosten the city, boston, bunty, candy, charles barkley, choking victim, chucky cheese, clungo, colombia, colombian drug lord, common enemy, cool docta money, cotton candy, cow bells, creefa, critical ass, destrux, dirty, diy, dole, drugs, dumpsta diving, dystopia, fair trade, flappy, flempy, flim flam walla, flosdunglep, flunt, fluzzornon, foghat, food, forever youth, frimpy, frozen coke, fruit salad, funny, geo metros, girls, good clean fun, gravitron, grimace, grunty, hampton factories, health, hombrenus dudez, hoola hoopin it, i object, jaws, jfa, jordie, kiwi, knee deep in shit, lalmunstry, led zeppelin, lord of the rings, lorenzo, machine gun romantics, magrudergrind, mallrats, mampers, mango69, mankey, marlboro miles, minor threat, morgmops, mothra, municipal waste, music, my shortz, nakey, nepal, ninjas, nirvana, nobunaga's ambition, not cold, not plastic, not styrofoam, operation ivy, pancakes, partys, pasmurin, peen, pepies pizza, peppies pizza, pier jumping, piercings, pineapple above all else, pink floyd, pirates, pizza, plants, positive, pot pies, potlucks, rambo, rap, recycling, red bell peppers, red peppers, riding cars with boys, rock and roll, rock lobster, rockin the casbah, rodan, rollin dice, sand piper, scholastic deth, scruffy, sex, simpsons, ska, slippin slidez, spoonful of vicostuff, star wars, stuff, sublime, summer, swiming, terminal youth, the grimace, the misfits, the paper boy, the spark, v cheese, vegan, wabungle, waffles, walla blammy wammy, wapy, watermelon, weezy